We Are the Feel Good Snack Company.

We get it; eating something that is delicious and satisfying should make you feel good, that is what Inno Foods is all about. Our snacks have been developed to deliver you a flavorful experience with just the right amount of crunch to satisfy your cravings!

No Artificial Preservatives

Indulge in guilt-free snacking with Inno Foods. Our snacks are crafted using only non-GMO ingredients and free from artificial preservatives, so you can enjoy every bite with confidence.

40 Years of Snacks

Inno Foods began with a simple mission: to provide the highest quality bread without preservatives. After serving the local community, the Park family saw something that was missing in the food industry: ingredients that you can trust. That's why we personally source each one, ensuring that our products are made from the highest quality ingredients available. Today, Inno Foods operates on a global scale, but still maintains the same small, family-run approach they started with.

Park family opened a bakery in North Vancouver and decided to make good bread using high-quality ingredients.
Park's Bread 'n' Buns was opened in the city of Coquitlam
Inno Foods collaborated with Costco Canada to develop a coconut snack.
Inno Foods launched in Costco Canada with its Classic Coconut Clusters with super seeds.
Inno Foods launched in Costco USA.
Inno Foods reached all Costco regions in the world including China, South Korea, Japan, Australia, France, Iceland, UK and Spain.
Inno Foods online was launched. New online exclusive snacks were introduced for our online customers.
With 400 team members, Inno Foods is continually growing to serve delicious treats around the world, while still being connected to our roots of using only high-quality ingredients.

InnoFoods snacks can be purchased from innofoods.shop, or through leading retailers such as Costco, Loblaws, Walmart, London Drugs, Rexall, and Target.