- Gluten Free
- High Quality Ingredients
- No Preservatives
High Quality snacks that taste too good to be true, without any sacrifice.
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Nothing but the best

Indulge in the perfect snack made especially for those who deserve the best - our coconut clusters are crafted using top-quality ingredients and offer a delectable blend of sweet and savory flavors.

We are the feel good snack company

We believe that snacks should be enjoyed without compromising on quality. That's why we go the extra mile to ensure that every ingredient meets our high standards.

Reviews Speak

This product is just looooooove

"This product is just looooooove!!! I really liked the one that I got last time and ordered for my friends, and they are now fans of this product too!!!! Nice!"

- by Chloe L. from Canada

The most perfect

"The most perfect granola!!!!! Love the cranberries and the rich cinnamon and vanilla flavour. Just the best!!!!"

- by Lauren C. from Canada

The apple flavor

"The apple flavor is really there and I like it! Great for breakfast cereal"

- by Chloe L. from Canada

Yummy!!! Takes care of my sweet tooth, with just a few bites!!

"Sooooo delicious!!! I am obsessed!!! Thank you!!"

- by Kathleen W. from USA

Awesome chocolate flavour with the sugary, sweetness. Seems like a terrible idea having chocolate for breakfast but these aren't coco puffs!

"This cereal is decadent, filling and leaves you feeling good!!!! You know you had a healthy and hearty meal without any extra sugar! Makes a perfect snack alone too!"

- by Hillary L. from USA

I bought these

"I bought these on a whim at a discount store and immediately had to find the original website in order one of everything!"

- by Sherry L. from USA

They are delicious

"My only complaint is that they are very hard to stop eating!!! "

- by Alexis S. from USA

I love this product!!

"Love it! Very tasty and keeps you feeling full."

- by Maria B. from Canada

Wow, it is so good

"Wow, it is so good I wanted to eat the whole bag!"

- by Diana M. from USA

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You deserve better

We carefully craft each of our snacks to offer a unique blend of flavors and textures that are simply irresistible.
Gluten Free
Gluten Free
No Preservatives
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